Why 2019 will be a good year to purchase residential property?

by Anders Ong Wondering when is the right time to purchase property? Had been on the lookout for perfect property since last year? People still saying property market are trending downwards for year 2019? Waiting for the latest launching? Afraid of buying the wrong property or afraid of losing current ... Read More
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Type of High Rise Residential Properties

by Anders Ong There are so much confusion among people for categorizing the type of high rise properties. Most people cannot differentiate between flat and apartment or apartment and condominium. Thus, it is of utmost importance for us to learn each one of it to be more familiar. Flat  A ... Read More

Primary Market versus Secondary Market

by Anders Ong There are two main market in properties transaction, which comprise of:- Primary Market – Direct purchase of a new property from developers. Examples are under construction properties or projects off the plan and unsold units from the developers. Secondary Market – Direct purchase of properties from primary ... Read More

Common Mistakes by New Home Buyers

by Anders Ong Buying a house was always one of the biggest commitment or decision a person will made in their life, unless they are filthy rich. It is also the biggest and maybe the scariest for some as it could be tied up to 35 years to a person ... Read More