Affordable Housing – MUST READ!

In collaboration with the state housing division, we are determined to bring you the latest update on Penang affordable housing development. For those who are interested to buy affordable housing below RM400,000, you MUST register yourself  with the State Housing Department of the state government using one of the following methods:

Online Registration for Affordable Housing

To find out more about Penang affordable housing, you may visit the links below:

Please note that the purchase of affordable housing (both government & private developer projects) MUST be applied through state housing department. All applications for affordable housing will be vetted by the eight-member panel in the Selection Process Enhancement Committee (SPEC) in accordance to the criteria set for low-cost, low-medium cost and affordable housing units. There is no shortcut to affordable housing other than going through the balloting process, subject to oversight by an independent auditing firm to increase the transparency in the system and to ensure more efficient allocation.

Re-branding of Affordable Housing in 2016

Penang State Government re-branded low-cost and low-medium-cost houses to affordable housing types A and B. Affordable housing is now categorized based on price point below:



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