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Penang Island vs Mainland (Part 4) – Population

Population Population growth comprises two basic components - the natural population growth (birth and death), and the non-natural population growth (relocation), which by contrast may occurs quickly and unexpectedly. With natural population growth, developers can react accordingly to the market demands. They are able offset anticipatable demand by providing more ... Read More

Penang Island vs Mainland (Part 3) – Connectivity & Accessibility

Connectivity & Accessibility More than 30 years ago, before the Penang Bridge was built, it was a big thing for people from mainland to go to the island. Property investment in the Island vs mainland was hardly discussed because travelling to the other side of Penang taking ferry on a ... Read More

Penang Island vs Mainland (Part 2) – Land scarcity or abundant?

Land scarcity or abundant, which one is better? Scarcity of land is one of the most common explanations given by those looking to invest or having invested into a property in Penang Island. Many people seem to have convinced that since the island is running out of development land, prices ... Read More

Penang Island vs Mainland (Part 1) – Location branding

by Ken Lim In Penang, one of the most intense debated topic is the property investment and purchase decision between the properties in island and mainland. The island which is well-known for its “scarcity of land” has always been the top property investment choice for both locals and foreigners, whereas ... Read More

FAQ – Gated and Guarded Community

What is Strata Titles? When buying a condominium, apartment or any gated & guarded housing scheme, is equivalent to buying a parcel of property in a building or land, which will be subdivided, with each being issued an individual strata title. The strata title is similar to a land grant, ... Read More

Top 3 Most Active Projects of 2014

Wishing you happy holiday and a prosperous 2015! With your continued support and contribution, PenangPropertyTalk.com has grown by 20% and attracted about 1.2 million visits in 2014.  While we are excited to publish more projects in 2015, let’s look back at the top 3 most viewed developments that was posted in ... Read More

Penang Property Outlook 2015

by Ken Lim Property prices in Penang have been on the upward trend for the last seven years. However, the scale of growth in 2013 & 2014 has considerably slowed down as expected due to the cooling measures adopted by government and Bank Negara. As we enter a brand new ... Read More

The Reality of Affordable Housing in Penang

by Ken Lim Housing affordability is a common issue not only in Malaysia, but also in many other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia. Recently I have also read the latest news about India inviting Malaysian developer to build affordable homes in India. In some developed countries ... Read More

Will housing prices ever come down?

by Ken Lim Recently I met up with a friend who is a retiree, owning a semi-detached home in the vibrant neighbourhood of Island Glades. His house could easily fetched more than two million ringgit in today's secondary market. His daughter now is contemplating to purchase a new property while ... Read More

Webinar: Penang Property Market Trends

by Ken Lim Interested know more about what is actually happening on the ground in Penang's property market? This webinar will covers the market analysis of the Penang residential housing sector and provide the insights about trends, price movement, demand and supply. It is based on the engagement in PenangPropertyTalk.com ... Read More