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Penang Property Outlook 2018

As we walked down to the memory lane of 2017, it was obviously one of the slowest year in the decade for properties. There were only a handful of new projects launched throughout the year and some were delayed. Developers ... Read More

Penang Property Hotspots in 2017

It's pretty common for our readers to approach us to enquire about the latest property market in Penang. Here is an infographic on property hotspots in Penang. Hotspots is defined as the location where the top 20 most active projects ... Read More
Land transacted at more than RM10mil in 2016/2017

How much do you think land costs in Penang?

Land is the most important asset to a property developer as it enables the developer to sustain and grow its business. The constant rise in land prices is the simplest reason that explains the escalating property price especially those in ... Read More

The Park vs Quinton

Population is the key driver of growth in property market. Here is a comparison between two affordable projects - highly populated area in mainland versus a less populated area in the Island. Take a look at the comparison between the ... Read More

20 Most Active Projects in Penang (Jan & Feb 2017)

Property transaction has undeniably indicated a downtrend pattern for past few years. However, people’s obsession with home ownership did not exhibit any declining effect. In fact, we experienced consistent upsurge in our pageviews. By comparing our Jan & Feb 2017 ... Read More

Penang Property Outlook 2017

It has been a quiet year for the Penang housing market in 2016. The cooling measures and tighter credit environment have continued to negatively influence the local market. While many are hoping to see a recovery soon, recent disappointing economic ... Read More

Is affordable housing a good investment in Penang?

Affordable housing has been the key growth driver for Penang residential property sector in the past two years. Today there are already 17 projects under construction while at least 26 more are in the pipeline. Aiming to stimulate the sale of ... Read More

5 Most Popular Affordable Housing Projects in 2016

Affordable housing is one of the hottest topics in Penang property market these days. As of today, Penang has more than 38 affordable housing projects proposed, 16 out of which are opened for application and registration. The chart below shows the ... Read More

The Tamarind vs Queens Residences

Queens Residences and The Tamarind, the two most popular Q2 2016 projects in Penang have their own unique popularity. Take a look at the comparison of these two projects... The Tamarind Queens Residences Developer E&O Property Ideal Property Group Location ... Read More

The Blooming of Batu Kawan

Batu Kawan, situated at southern part of Seberang Perai is the new branding in the making. A decade ago, it was not a place where people would want to visit. An empty land, it was. However, a makeover took place ... Read More