Will housing prices ever come down?

by Ken Lim Recently I met up with a friend who is a retiree, owning a semi-detached home in the vibrant neighbourhood of Island Glades. His house could easily fetched more than two million ringgit in today's secondary market. His daughter now is contemplating to purchase a new property while ... Read More

Three major reasons why landed is better than condo. What do you think?

by Charles Tan Today, I had lunch with a very capable young friend. She is many years younger than me but she already owns her own business in partnership with a very prominent personality here in Malaysia. A rich one. Over lunch, we were talking about her first property and ... Read More
Batu Kawan properties? Look at cars. It is also prime for G, G and G.

Batu Kawan properties? Look at cars. It is also prime for G, G and G.

by Charles Tan I was in Penang last weekend for an important lunch. As I was driving past the second bridge, I noticed that the condition was exactly the same when I drove across it last month and two months before. There were very few cars on the bridge! Ok, ... Read More

Buying Penang properties? Affordability means RM600 – RM700psf.

by Charles Tan A close friend asked me recently what’s the price that I would be willing to sell my condo in Tanjung Tokong. I said, RM700k. She laughed and said, my husband said that’s impossible. I laughed and said, it is ok. In fact at the price I wanted ... Read More