TRI Pinnacle – 2nd Car Park Is Optional!

Property News/ 27 January 2015

* UPDATE: Aspen Group has now clarified that the 2nd car park is OPTIONAL! Please visit their facebook page for more details.

Recently the discussion in TRI Pinnacle has caught my attention and it seems that some affordable home buyers are being asked to buy a second car park that cost between RM30,000 and RM50,000. A car park that cost up to 15% of the actual affordable unit price? This sounds like an affordable housing with unaffordable car park. If this is a misunderstanding, I think the developer should clarify.

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Here are the most recent comments about this project:

By: peaceful

The problem is not about having religion places, the problem is the excessive volume affecting the neighborhood...

By: phorlanpha

The JMB chairman thinks he's very smart....now lan lan have to back down

By: kochabi

Issue at Tanjung Tokong condo resolved, says Penang police chief.

By: mofaz

"Any new projects lately have requirements to have a Surau in the property." Surau requirement and Non Muslim House of Worship have always been a statutory requirement of any residential or commercial projects through out Malaysia. Not "lately".

By: MajorArches

<a href="#comment-1060718" rel="nofollow">@jack </a> From the viral video is because of the Surau prayers, JMB also like misqouted andhave a misunderstanding. Yesterday they did have a press conference and all well. Hopefully not again and this is very sensitive thing to do and the property management should advice the JMB as well.