Exco man clarifies land allocation near Gurney Bay

The land earmarked for the hotel and condominium project is not included in the Gurney Bay component projects. Penang Local Government, Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jason H’ng Mooi Lye clarified that two parcels of government reserve land, spanning 21 acres (opposite Gurney Plaza) and seven acres (near the future ... Read More

Phase 1 of the Gurney Bay opens to public today

The physical works for Phase One, also known as Priority 1, of the Gurney Bay project, have been completed and are now open to the public as of today. The Gurney Bay project, valued at RM247.8 million, is divided into two phases: Priority 1 and Priority 2. Priority 1, covering 27.70 ... Read More

State govt mulls introducing theme park in Gurney Bay

The Penang state government is considering proposals to introduce additional commercial activities in Gurney Bay such as the Eye of Penang, Viewing Tower, floating ferry, Ferris wheel and theme parks, Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow revealed in the state legislative assembly on Thursday. He said the additional commercial activities ... Read More
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Gurney Bay Phase 1 set to open by year-end

A total of 4,541 trees will be planted at Gurney Bay, with 1,500 trees for Phase 1 and the remaining 3,041 trees for Phase 2. Local Government and Town and Rural Planning Committee chairman H’ng Mooi Lye disclosed that so far 310 trees, which is over one-fifth of the Phase ... Read More

First phase of Gurney Bay expected to open to public this month

Situated next to the fringe of Gurney Drive, the Gurney Bay project (formerly known as Gurney Wharf) is transforming into an enchanting seafront public park. The project, scheduled to be completed in 2025, seems to come to life with each passing day. Caretaker Penang Local Government, Housing, Town and Country Planning ... Read More

Gurney Wharf is now officially called Gurney Bay

The Gurney Wharf project has been officially renamed as Gurney Bay. The change in name was deemed necessary to better represent the project's location and concept. The decision came after receiving complaints that the original name was not appropriate because there was no wharf or pier at the site. To ... Read More