Ideal Property Group gears up for relocation of SJKC Heng Ee

SJKC Heng Ee (artist impression)

Artist impression of SJKC Heng Ee (Bayan Baru)

The relocation of SJKC Heng Ee ushered in the latest progress! At present, the new school building is in the process of applying for planning permission and development permit approval.

The new site of SJKC Heng Ee is adjacent to SMJK Heng Ee Bayan Baru Branch. This good news has delighted many young parents living in the Southwest district of Penang. In recent years, the Southwest District has developed vigorously. Many new housing developments have been built in the district. Many young families have also relocated to the Southwest District due to job opportunities. This has led to a surge in population and increased demand for primary schools. Hence, the relocated of SJKC Heng Ee to the Southwest District is adding an additional choice to the existing primary school in the district. In addition, students studying in SJKC Heng Ee gets to further their studies in SMJK Heng Ee without needing to go through the application process to pursue secondary education.

At present, Ideal Property Group has submitted the application for planning permission and development permit to the Penang Island City Council. The next step is to submit the building plan with estimation to obtain the approval by end of this year. Commencement of work for the new school building is expected to be kicked start in early next year.

SJKC Heng Ee is currently located at Macalister Road, having students from the city area. Since 1990s, it encounters the issue of shortage of students. In 2013, the Penang state government allocated a 12-acre land in Bayan Lepas to Heng Ee schools, of which 8 acres were built for the SMJK Heng Ee Bayan Baru Branch; and remaining 4 acres to be used for the relocation of SJKC Heng Ee.

“The local community is developing rapidly, and the Chinese population is not proportional to the existing Chinese primary schools. The new building of SJKC Heng Ee will meet the needs of local students, which is good news for parents from nearby residence.” said Tan Sri Datuk Alex Ooi Kee Liang, Chairman of the Heng Ee Board of Director.

Tan Sri Datuk Alex Ooi, who is also the Executive Chairman of Ideal Property Group, believes that this is a win-win situation. Only by relocating the school to a more ideal environment can it help to change the existing school situation and not wasting the efforts from the founders and ancestors who strived for developing the school.

The new school building will be composed of an administrative block, an academic block, a hall, a canteen, computer rooms, laboratory rooms and 42 classrooms. It is expected to accommodate 1,000 students. Ideal Property Group will undertake the construction and bear its construction expenses.

The new school building is nestled within harmonious residential areas in a safe and welcoming ambience. It is just a short walk from SMJK Heng Ee Cawangan Bayan Baru and Straits International School. The new school building which will be topped with quality school facilities is offering a pleasant learning environment for the students to excel in their studies. Besides, connectivity and accessibility are also well taken care of to provide smooth and convenient traffic surrounding the new school building.

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