Blaring music driving ’em up the wall

RESIDENTS of two condominium blocks in Gurney Drive, Penang, are having sleepless nights due to the loud music coming from vehicles parked opposite their blocks.

One of the residents, who wished to be known only as Kori, 68, said he and his wife, Hashiko, 59, had not been sleeping well for the past five months because of the loud music.

“Every night, there will be cars parked opposite our block and loud music will be played from the speakers in the car boot. There will also be people dancing to the music ” it’s like a mini open-air discotheque for them.

“We’ve been living in this place since March and we thought it was a temporary thing at first but it has been getting worse especially on weekends,” said the Malaysia My Second Home Programme participant.

Kori, who hails from Osaka, Japan, said the music was so loud that he could hardly hear his wife speaking and they live on the third floor.

“We’ve made numerous police reports and even got our landlord to report the matter to the area’s assemblyman and it would stop for only a few days.”

Another resident, who wished to be known only as Teoh, said she too had difficulties falling asleep due to the loud noise.

Kori and Teoh said they had reported the matter to the building manage- ment and was told that they were in the midst of finding a solution to the problem.

The condominium?s property ma-nager Regan Maurice said the police had been alerted of the situation.

“There is a police beat base nearby but each time they see the police approa-ching, they’d quickly disperse but would come back again after the police had left.”

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob when contacted said he would instruct his personnel to look into the matter.

SOURCE: The Star

  1. T
    August 8th, 2011 at 18:25 | #1

    really a stupid japaneses made a wrong 2nd home choise to penang, somemore want to control ppl freedom of playing music in open air screw u kori and hashiko

  2. DPP
    August 8th, 2011 at 19:14 | #2

    Yo Jap, get used to it ok. Penang under LGE is gutless to take action against the Malay. I used to be hardcore DAP supporters, but is very sad that the CM is LGE and not the real hero, that is LKS. Look around Penang, whether its in tanjong tokong or bayan lepas, all these illegal traders setting up stalls , some even have tables and astro setup with big screen projector( queensbay area). And what did the MPPP do? Nothing! Look around at pasar malam, how many have licenses which can contribute to the state fund? I ask around, and less than 70% are with license, the rest operate illegally and according to them, those officer will only give them summonse once every two-three months. Thats right, you dont have to apply for license anymore, just open a stall wherever you are, because once in a while only will they give u a pathethic MPPP summons! And best part is, you can see many thais operating this store! So there you go, LGE please if you want to make mess, do it in Melaka not in Penang! We Penangites have booted out the ball-less Koh Tsu Koon, we wont hesitate to boot out another same kind species!

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