Penang will prohibit owners of low-cost homes from renting out their units

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Penang state government will be putting a stop to low-cost and low-medium-cost housing owners from renting out their units.

State housing exco Datuk Seri S. Sundarajoo said these affordable housing units are heavily subsidised and are only meant for those who can’t afford expensive homes.

“Someone has to put their feet down to enforce this and stop people from renting out low-cost housing to others,” he told reporters after launching a housing symposium at Mercure Hotel in Tanjung Bungah here.

He said these low-cost housing are meant for the poor to live in and not for others to enjoy.

“I understand that when they rent it out to some factories, they can get rental of RM1,000 or more and use it to rent other places outside for half the price and keep the balance as extra income,” he said.

He said this is not the purpose of low-cost housing being approved for those who can’t afford homes.

“I stress that these heavily subsidised housing are for them and their family to use, they cannot rent it out, whether to locals or foreigners,” he said.

He said he will discuss with the local government development ministry to amend the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) to resolve this issue.

“At the state level, we will come up with our own enforcement action, we will be presenting papers to the state exco in the next few weeks,” he said.

He said there are already social problems arising from many of these units being rented out to foreign workers.

Meanwhile, Sundarajoo said there are factories that have rented up whole blocks of vacant low-cost and low-medium housing units to be converted into foreign workers’ quarters.

“In South Seberang Perai, there are low-cost housing units in remote areas and most of these are vacant, so factories have rented up blocks of these projects,” he said.

He said he is working with the local government state exco Jason Hn’g to convert blocks of vacant low-cost and low medium-cost units into hostels for foreign workers.

“It will be a very practical, clean and healthy solution to housing the foreign workers,” he said.

He said suitable projects for such schemes include those in remote areas that are vacant and some that currently have more than 70 per cent of units occupied by foreign workers

“We target blocks like this to be converted for workers and let factories rent the whole block,” he said.

He said this can be done in an orderly and controlled manner

He said there are low-cost projects that were built in remote areas due to low land costs and this resulted in low sales of these units.

In the long term, Sundarajoo said they are studying ways for centralised workers’ quarters to be built within the factory’s premises.

“We are looking at allocating a corner in industrial parks for this purpose,” he said.

Source: MalayMail.com

  1. MajorArches
    October 5th, 2023 at 23:07 | #1

    Yeah right, as if can do.

    Done report to COB, COB kata tak tau, ask perumahan.

    Complaint to perumahan what action taken ? Telur…..

  2. Islander
    October 6th, 2023 at 11:22 | #2

    Tangkap = affecting B40 coz supply reduce, price of rent increase
    Tak Tangkap = affecting B40, because housing demand keeps increasing, and property prices keep up.

    Chicken and egg problem.

  3. Oh nice
    October 6th, 2023 at 12:31 | #3

    only rich folks can profit from property, the poor can’t …LOL

  4. jack
    October 6th, 2023 at 14:10 | #4

    In short, you can only blame yourself for remaining poor

  5. Islander
    October 6th, 2023 at 14:24 | #5


    Can’t blame Madani right?

  6. TY
    October 10th, 2023 at 16:13 | #6

    talk is cheap, how to execute?

  7. WC_ong
    October 11th, 2023 at 08:41 | #7

    bunch of crybabies. learn to improve your standard of living lol. why so much hate when your neighbour has succeed in their life and do not want to stay in the apartment anymore?

  8. WC_ong
    October 11th, 2023 at 08:45 | #8

    the livability of low-cost apartment is a lot harder to those educated and humanely. not trying to discriminate those poor, but they are poor for a reason. bad attitude and laziness. spitting in public lift, throwing rubbish from window, making noise at night, inconsiderate late night events. it’s really a living hell to human to stay there. you need to become animal eventually. If you do not want to become animal, you gotta action.

  9. Islander
    October 11th, 2023 at 09:22 | #9


    Partially agree, but what you saying doesn’t seem related to the topic. You can stay with your atas mindset at the related one, sekian.

  10. WC_ong
    October 11th, 2023 at 09:33 | #10


    Depends how you look at it, related or not, subjective to the reader. Nothing wrong with improving one’s standard of living by moving to better place, and rent your property to those in need. Takkan you succeed in life, then your low-cost property should donate to charity.

  11. Hamilan
    October 11th, 2023 at 12:54 | #11

    Absolutely agreed. Don’t be a hater here or look down on others.

    I’m also a poor people 15 years ago.
    I stay in Padang tembak low cost house.
    After that I rent out my low cost house then I move to Taman Kheng tian where I bought only RM150k. 7 years later I sold my Kheng tian unit at RM330k due to market appreciation.
    Then I bought The light Linear with balance money on hand & currently already 1M+ even I bought at RM580k only during launching period but I still keep my Padang tembak unit. Don’t underestimate or look down on people around you.

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