Penang govt aims to deliver more affordable homes by 2030

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State Housing, Local Government, Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo has instructed the Penang Housing Board to level up their efforts to deliver 250,000 units of affordable homes by 2030.

This new target has now surpassed the initial aim of delivering 220,000 units throughout the state.

“I will talk about this new target to the Chief Minister soon, and once it is approved, we will get down to business by doubling our efforts to deliver the units.

“Having a roof over our head is a basic necessity, and the Penang government will continue to ensure that every one, especially those in need, will be eligible to have their own homes,” Jagdeep told a press conference that was held in Komtar yesterday (Jan 31).

Separately, Jagdeep said the Housing Selection Process Enhancement Committee (SPEC), since its establishment in 2013, has approved affordable homes for 75,389 applicants, namely for RMM A (31,689), RMM B (13,323) and RMM C (30,377).

In a related development, he also stated that so far based on the current target of achieving 220,000 units of affordable homes, 45,903 units have been built. 18,354 units are in various stages of being built and 76,138 units are in various planning stages.

Source: Buletin Mutiara

  1. MajorArches
    February 2nd, 2023 at 17:40 | #1

    Problem is, the planning to build affordable homes, too high density too congested, too low density not enough maintainance to cover expenditure.

  2. PG
    February 2nd, 2023 at 20:02 | #2

    Affordable house but demanding like a luxury category.
    Too small size.
    Too high dense.
    Not a prime location.
    No balcony.
    Only 1 carpark.
    Too congested area.
    Less facilities.

    Then better you buy a land in Kampung & build yourself.

  3. JunCW
    February 3rd, 2023 at 10:31 | #3

    Shameless government is still boasting about allocating affordable homes. Really shameless. It is now developer selling affordable homes with different package. Like deducting 1 carpark with the discount of RM30k. Which is kinda pointless, nothing affordable about it. Basically government help developer to make money since they can’t build 20 levels of carpark.

  4. PG
    February 3rd, 2023 at 11:03 | #4

    That’s why.. You can build yourself. No problem.
    Complain here and that even worst. FYI. Material all price increase & inflation push up all price. FYI by 2025 probably affordable house price will be in range of 500k soon. Just wait and see. 200k to 500k are affordable house. All new affordable house below 200k no more. You can wait. No problem. Your money & nobody can force you also.

  5. JunCW
    February 3rd, 2023 at 13:54 | #5


    take what action? you got go komtar talk before anot? anything just ask you go home wait. until when they frustrate, they will tell you developer will give the list of shortlisted applicant, not the government. why are you being triggered? you work in politics?

  6. PG
    February 3rd, 2023 at 16:00 | #6

    See. The way and attitude you express now obviously know your future already hopeless. Lol.
    Good luck & continue to queue. Lol

  7. LL
    February 3rd, 2023 at 16:06 | #7

    The Zen is the best development. You miss out the best affordable house here where luxury meet affordable.
    It’s understandable you are emotional but CNY we need to cheer as Feng shui Yin Yang related. It will bring some bad or good luck depend on how you responded. Please pray more as we have Zen9 or Zen6 still considerable to buy. No regret.
    If you pick the Stone then probably you see tombstone. Zen is best of the best now with price in 600k.

  8. LL
    February 3rd, 2023 at 20:51 | #8

    There’s still chance for you. You can either buy Zen off the market (albeit slightly pricey) for future guaranteed appreciation. Otherwise, you can wait for Zen9.

    The final option is to wait for next project from Asia Green. We pray Asia Green to get more projects so they can benefit the people. In fact, Asia Green should be the sole developer of all affordable units in Malaysia because they are able to deliver luxury project with a fraction of its cost.

  9. Peonies
    February 7th, 2023 at 12:02 | #9

    Please built your affordable homes in the mainland because Penang is full of cars and jam everywhere

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