The Design Essence of Eco Horizon’s Semi-D

Events, Property News/ 25 May 2022

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Nestled in the serene environment of the newly developed Bandar Cassia, Eco Horizon is fast becoming a popular choice for homebuyers thanks to the chic design of the township’s houses that incorporate the needs of modern living. In this article, we will discuss about the ground-breaking designs of the semi-d houses in Eco Horizon and how these houses are different from the ordinary semi-d .

As the brainchild of ARMARIOR, a bespoke luxury furnishing and home makeover company, Eco Horizon is designed along the concept of a luxury holiday resort. By incorporating creative design elements such as cosy airflow and well-lit interiors, these semi-d houses were specifically designed to function as a holiday getaway residence for its owners. While taking into consideration the locality of Eco Horizon, rattan was creatively added to the overall design of the semi-d as a nod to the vibrant cultural heritage of Malaysia. As a highly sustainable building material which can also be used as furniture, not only is rattan useful but it is also an important aesthetic component that can add unique touches to the décor of houses.



To further enhance the relaxing holiday vibe the houses, ARMARIOR has also carefully selected airy-toned colours including beige and sandy shades as the main colour scheme of the homes while ensuring that the interior and exterior of the houses are able to blend together flawlessly. Apart from the aesthetics, the essence of the design of these semi-d houses is the consideration that the designers took to suit the different requirements of its clients. As a key design principle, this is to ensure the aesthetics and practicality of the houses.



In terms of the space of the houses, the designers made sure that the space is breezy and brightly illuminated by natural sunlight which enters the house through the uniquely designed windows. Besides that, the creative illusion of a higher ceiling was also applied to create a spacious environment for the houses. While designing the semi-d houses, designers have the advantage of utilising the bigger space available to apply their creative concepts and customise the house according to clients’ preferences.



Based on the principles of ARMARIOR, a perfect home is a place which enables its occupants to feel relaxed, confident and safe. Apart from being aplace which the occupants look forward to returning every day, a house should also be the owner’s medium of expression which reflects his identity. Therefore, designing a home is more than just making it visually appealing. In order to accurately identify the different requirements of each space and addressing it using the principles of design, there are a lot more features that should be taken into consideration when it comes to designing a house such as ceiling height, floor finishing, light flow and space planning of the house, just to name a few.



What truly sets Eco Horizon’s semi-d houses apart from others is the fact that, centred around the innovative concept of co-creation which allows house owners to decide how they want to live, the houses are carefully and intricately designed according to clients’ very own preferences and living requirements. After all, home is where you can truly be yourself with comfort and ease.

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