MIEA: Real estate agents respect & appreciate all Grab drivers and Grab food riders

The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) has issued a statement condemning disparaging words uttered by a real estate negotiator and another individual from Penang against Grab drivers and Grab food riders.

miea-public-statement-respects-grabIn a video posted on social media two days ago, both individuals were seen to be conducting a drive to recruit real estate agents.

However, it went awry when the Mandarin-speaking duo started to insult Grab drivers and food riders, saying that they will never end up rich, triggering negative responses from netizens.

In the video, after stating that they “do not mean to talk bad about Grab riders”, the duo proceeded to say that Grab drivers and Grab food riders will never get rich, before proceeding to laugh at those who chose the career path.

MIEA CEO K. Soma Sundram, told The Vibes that the man who made the statement must take responsibility for what he said as many were angered by his remarks in the video.

“Many are upset with the real estate agents, despite us working hard to deliver the best services, and many of us are not as successful as him.

“He has set a very bad example and has dented efforts to ensure that real estate negotiators are professionals.

“He has destroyed all the hard work that we have been doing. The trust levels have gone down,” he said.

Malaysia, he said, thrives because of the various service industries at all levels, and disrespecting those who are part of those services is also disrespecting the profession.

“Under MIEA’s practice standards, we always promote that all agents are to serve the public with dignity, respect, professionalism and more so to take care of the public’s interest.”

He stressed that having big cars and lots of money is not only a measure of success but being a human being filled with good values and integrity.

Soma added that the individual’s irresponsible statement is not reflective of the respect MIEA has for all Grab drivers and Grab food riders.

Source: TheVibes.com

  1. Jaja
    November 12th, 2021 at 11:21 | #1

    Grab driving and food riding are supposed to be a GIG job, not long term careers. So saying you won’t get rich doing that is like saying you won’t get rich working as a storekeeper. So what’s wrong with that? Why would anyone find that offensive?

    Just because a job doesn’t make you rich doesn’t mean it is not a respectable job, right? Just because someone is poor does not mean the person is not respectable, right? That essentially means, just because I say you’re not rich does not mean I am disrespecting you, right? So what’s with all this fuss????

  2. PPAP
    November 13th, 2021 at 14:58 | #2

    The fuss is about the way they say things lah. A quality “business coach” would have delivered the same message of a better way to make a living, using words and an approach that would leave the listeners motivated with hope of a new high flying career, instead of anger of being looked down upon. This one is some pariah business coach from some balik pulau sakai village lah.

    But what you said is true lah, grab driving and food riders are only “transitional” jobs, not a career. These big tech companies are just using these fellas to get consumers to get used to the habit of ordering food delivery and car rides, once self-driving technology matures, these riders and drivers will no longer be needed. Thank you for your service and good luck!

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