Interview with CM: Will Penang mirror Singapore by 2030?

Penang Island is sometimes known to have some resemblance to Singapore. Both Penang Island and Singapore are separated from the mainland by a narrow strait with a lack of land for development. The government in both Penang Island and Singapore generally encounters similar challenges whenever there is a need to ... Read More

Interview with CM: The status of Undersea Tunnel and Sky Cab projects

The proposed Penang undersea tunnel project report submitted for review by the technical consultant is over 90% complete and there’s no plan to stop the projects. We have also touched on the Penang Sky Cab cable car project, which will link Seberang Prai to the island. In the interview below, ... Read More

Interview with CM: Public response on Bayan Lepas LRT

Penang’s first LRT project has been approved by federal government on 16 July 2019, with 30 conditions for the state to comply. A three-month public inspection process started Aug 19 to obtain the views of Penangites. The public can now find out more about the LRT project at four fixed locations during office ... Read More
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Interview with CM: Location of future affordable housing

Many of you must be wondering where will be the next affordable housing located? Can the government control or influence the developer's decision?  Listen to the sharing from our Chief Minister on the challenges in approving affordable housing by developers. FIND OUT MORE: Penang CM speaks to Penang Property Talk on Vision 2030 ... Read More
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Interview with CM: State housing policy for affordable homes

Penang government has consistently monitored the housing affordability within the state and made amendments to the housing policies, which has become necessary as a result of feedback from people and developers. Find out how does the cross-subsidization of LC and LMC works to ensure adequate supply of housing for the lower and middle-income groups. FIND OUT ... Read More
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Interview with CM: Addressing housing affordability & diversity

Housing affordability and diversity are some of key focus in Penang Vision 2030. Several measures have been put in place to ensure the availability of affordable houses for B40 and M40 income group. Listen to what our CM has to say on response from developers and the challenges. FIND OUT ... Read More

Penang CM speaks to Penang Property Talk on Vision 2030

On 29 August 2019, Penang Property Talk was given the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Penang Chief Minister, YB Chow Kon Yeow. Listen to the sharing from our CM on Penang Vision 2030 with regards to housing, transportation and talent. https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLFexic8DuhizpGuEQ-pzPt2DRuyLsTQU3&layout=gallery&width=600&height=338 ... Read More