Member Purchase Guide


How to buy as a Premium Member?


Become a Premium Member
In order for your purchase to be eligible for a gift, you need to be a premium member of Penang Property Talk. Sign up now and grab the best property deal in town.
Register your interest
Register your interest with us and subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep you informed with the latest property trends and updates in Penang.

Find the right property
We are covering more than 90% of the property projects in Penang since 2010. Do some research and reading, or you may contact us for some recommendation.

Find out the latest property deals
Don’t miss the latest property deals and discount. We are giving away free gift for our member who has bought a unit from one of these projects. If the project you are interested in is not listed here, please let us know so that we can try to negotiate a small gift for you.
Complete the purchase form
Download and complete the member purchase form before you place your booking with the developer. The purchase form is available for download from the respective project deals page. The form will be pre-populated with name and email recorded in your member profile.

Place booking at developer office
Now you are ready to place your booking at the developer office. Bring along the member puchase form and let them know that you are a member of Penang Property Talk. The developer will confirm you eligibility in the form upon booking.

Upload signed purchase form
Once the developer has confirm your eligiblity in the form (with stamp and signature), login to Penang Property Talk, go to “My Profile” page and then upload the purchase form.
Execute SPA
Once your SPA is ready, the developer will inform you to sign your SPA and pay the first 10% down payment. Your job is done now. The developer will keep us informed with your purchase status.

1st draw down from loan financer
Wait for the 1st drawdown from your loan financer and then we will start processing your gift. Usually the bank/developer will keep you informed on the progressive payment.

Gift delivery
We will process and delivery your gift once we receive greenlight from the respective developer based on your 1st drawdown. Please note that it will takes up to 60 days to complete the verification and gift delivery process from the date of 1st drawdown.


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