Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the premium membership cost?

    It is absolutely FREE! You can Sign Up Now.

  2. What do you mean by Free Gift with Purchase?

    We are giving away a free gift to our premium member when you purchase a property from the developers listed in our Exclusive Property Deals page.

  3. What’s the value of the gift?

    Gift range from gadgets, smart phones, tablets,  household essentials and vouchers. The value differs from one project to another.

  4. Do I need to pay extra fees in order to be eligible for the gift?

    No, it is absolutely free. In fact you will be paying exactly the same price offered by developers. We wanted to make sure you can enjoy the extra benefit at no extra cost.

  5. When will I receive my gift?

    We will process your gift upon full settlement on 1st draw down from your loan financier, and a confirmation from developer.

  6. What must I do in order to be eligible for a gift?

    You must be a premium member at the time when you are booking a unit from the developer. You are also required to fill up a member purchase form and bring it to the developer for endorsement during your booking.

  7. Is the gift exchangeable for cash?


  8. Am I still eligible to receive a gift if I have already placed my booking before joining as a premium member?

    No. You have to be our member before the booking is done, and the developer has to acknowledge that in your member purchase form.

  9. Can I use the member purchase form for a friend/relative who is a non-member?

    No. The personal details printed on the form must matches the purchaser’s details. But don’t worry, they can also join our premium membership for free!

  10. If it is a joint-purchase, am I still eligible for a gift?

    Yes, as long as one of the co-purchasers is a registered member of Penang Property Talk.

  11. If I am buying more than one unit, am I eligible to receive more than one gift?

    Yes, we are giving away one gift per unit.

  12. How can I participate in a group purchase?

    Currently not all developers offer group purchase discount. So we will keep our members informed through email when the opportunity arises.

  13. How secure is buying a property through PenangProperTalk?

    This should not be a concern because you will buy directly from the developer. You are only required to fill up the member purchase form and bring it to the developer office for endorsement.

* Other terms and conditions may apply on different projects. Please refer to the purchase form *

If you have other question about the premium membership, you may contact us here.



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